Palaeo After Dark Summer Baseball Season 2018: Game 11

As the North Kai Angels say their fond farewells, Grandpa Gohan smiles at the incredible progress Goku and his friends have shown. He takes one last moment to glance back at his adopted grandchild. Then, in a flash, the angels return back to the heavens to continue their rigorous baseball training at King Kai's planet.

But as the Angels leave, a more nefarious force lurks in the shadows. The dreaded King Piccolo has somehow been resurrected and has amassed a terrible demon army. The vile devils descend upon our heroes, intent on nothing more than the total annihilation of all the Earth teams. Worse still, they want vengeance against Goku and... the betrayer, Junior Piccolo!!! Can our heroes beat back this demonic menace before they plunge the entire planet into darkness? Find out on this next exciting episode.

"Super Mega Baseball 2" developed by Metalhead Studios. "The Terror of Piccolo-Daimaô" by Shunsuke Kikuchi. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball Z are properties owned by Akira Toriyama, TOEI Animation, and Funimation.