Podcast 76 - In Which James and Amanda are Slightly too Inebriated to Discuss Mesozoic Fossils

In this episode we discuss a grab bag of Mesozoic papers, ranging from potential dinosaur mating dances to large-eyed mosasaurs. And after a fairly sober month, Amanda and James dive headfirst into the highest alcohol content beer they have with expected disastrous results. Come and join us as Amanda tries her hand at ASMR, James uncovers a plot to destroy him, and Curt enjoys being the most sober person in the room. Also we keep talking about The Thing for some reason...

Simple text summary

The group looks at two studies that look at things from a long time ago. The first looks at marks left by big angry animals with no hair when they wanted to fuck. The marks are from them trying to get another animal to come so they could fuck. The same marks are left by flying animals with hard noses today when they want to fuck. The second paper looks at a big angry animals that lived in the place made of water that you can not drink that had big eyes. It comes from a place where we have not found big angry animals that lived in the place made of water that you can not drink from before. The fact it has big eyes means that it might have got food at night, and maybe went for food that made their own light.


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Konishi, Takuya, et al. "A new halisaurine mosasaur (Squamata: Halisaurinae) from Japan: the first record in the western Pacific realm and the first documented insights into binocular vision in mosasaurs." Journal of Systematic Palaeontology (2015): 1-31.